Texas can be broken up into regions, From El Paso to Port Arthur, Lubbock to Galveston. The changing landscapes, cuisines, and accents are a reflection of true regional diversity that is Texas. Combining the best of German smokehouses and Mexican ranchers, El Burro & the Bull presents regional and seasonal Texas ingredients for an authentic ode to this great state. Blending Gulf Coast seafood, Tex-Mex and European influences through smoked meats and traditional family recipes, such as Seasonal Seafood Gumbo with crawfish tails & shrimp topped with housemade jalapeno cheddar sausage and pork andouille sausage or our Tangy Tamarind barbecue sauce.


At age 6, tall enough to use a broom and a cue, John Avila would earn dimes for the pool table by wiping down tables, sweeping up bottle caps, and collecting the empty bottles. The smell of burning oak and corn masa resonated in John’s young soul. Years later, the memories of his grandfather, the restaurant, and ultimately the love of the barbecue itself would draw him off of the corporate ladder and return him to where he was from: the kitchen.



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